Colombia farc leader killed

2019-11-17 20:17

Dec 22, 2018 Walter Patricio Guacho Arizala Vernaza, one of the most notorious FARC leaders, was shot dead in a joint military and police raid, Colombian President Ivn Duque told a national televisionMay 30, 2019  The righthand man of arguably the most powerful FARC dissident leader has been killed in the south of Colombia, President Ivan Duque announced. According to Blu Radio, which is run by the presidents brotherinlaw, an anti kidnapping task force carried out the operation that killed Jeisson Orejas in a rural part of San Jose Del Guaviare together with local police. colombia farc leader killed

The Colombian military says it has killed one of the leaders of a faction of Farc rebels who have refused to abide by the peace process. Rodrigo Cadete, 52, died in an operation in the southern Caqueta region along with nine other militants.

A midlevel FARC dissident commander has been killed almost a year an a half after he abandoned Colombias peace process, President Ivan Duque said Saturday. Rodrigo Cadete, whose real name is Edgar Mesias Salgado, died in a bombing in San Vincente del Caguan, a largely rural municipality in the southern Caqueta province. Nov 06, 2018  A top leader of a splinter group of Colombias Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels was killed in a clash with security forces in the south, the army said.colombia farc leader killed 9 days ago Tatiana Posso joins the other 727 activists killed in Colombia since the country's peace agreement was signed in 2016. Social leader Tatiana Paola Posso Espitia, 35, was shot twice in the head Wednesday morning in front of her house in El Copey located in the Department of Cesar when two men on motorcycles fired at the activist and fled the scene.

Colombia farc leader killed free

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