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2019-11-13 23:18

Bachelet, que se refera a los llamados colectivos , (grupos de civiles armados que actan en Venezuela a favor del gobierno), urgi al gobierno a frenar estos grupos y arrestar a quienesMar 03, 2019 Venezuela's Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza recently invited Bachelet to visit the country to see for herself the impact of US sanctions that Maduro insists are responsible for his country's crisis. Bachelet was Chile's president from and from. bachelet chile venezuela

Bachelet, presidenta de Chile un par de veces, un pas sacudido por la endemia gendarme, me coment con autoridad moral [vctima y de estadista: Se perfectamente lo que ocurre en Venezuela

On her first visit to Venezuela, U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet is expected to meet with Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaid two men locked in a power struggle Jun 22, 2019  Vimos a Bachelet con los ojos llorosos junto a las madres del J. M. de los Ros: Susana Raffalli Duration: 12: 43. NTN24 Venezuela 115, 375 viewsbachelet chile venezuela Mar 20, 2019  As a more complete report that includes results from the technical missions inquiry is expected to come out in the near future (exact date TBA), the declaration made today by Michelle Bachelet is a damning document in itself about the actual state of Venezuela and a considerable advance in the cause for making visible the urgency of change in the United Nations arena.

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Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, recently arrived in Venezuela to investigate the ravages of the crisis in the South American country. bachelet chile venezuela

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