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2019-11-13 20:03

MV Skorpios III. MV Skorpios III was built in 1995 at the Skorpios shipyard, Chile, according to SOLAS and IMO rules, and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classification, class N A1 ice. Her cabins and hotel infrastructure were remodeled in 2012. It is 70 metres long, has a 10 metre beam and a 3. 30 metre draft, displacing 1, 600 tons.Skorpios II Cruises of Chile Patagonia and the Chilean Glaciers. The majestic relic of the planet's last glaciation, Skorpios II takes you on a dream Cruise of six days and five nights. navio skorpios chile

Ruta CHONOS. Campo de Hielo Norte Navegacin desde Puerto Montt al glaciar San Rafael, atravesando los archipilagos de Llanquihue, Chilo y Aysn, las termas de Quitralco, Puerto Aguirre, Quemchi, Islote Barrientos, Islote Conejos y Dalcahue.

Skorpios III Cruises of Southern Chile and the San Rafael Glacier, the best tours and cruises at the best prices from people who know Chile best. MV Skorpios III sails from the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales, a town located 2, 500 km south of Santiago, which can be reached by air from Punta Arenas or by land from Argentina. Skorpios Cruises offer an unforgettable cruise through the channels and fjords of southern Chile, visiting the majestic San Rafael Glacier, all with the warm and personal service provided by a professional crew and staff. Skorpios II is designed to cruise the icy waters of Chile's fjords, for its 160 passengers in 55navio skorpios chile Apr 16, 2019 Definitely, the highlight was the 6 day5 nite cruise with Skorpios to the San Rafael Glacier. The scenery was spectacular and the comforts of home provided by the crew on the ship was fabulous. Other than a few couples originally from Chile, now living in Australia, my husband and I (from Canada) were the only ones that spoke English.

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