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Explore pristine Chilean national parks and icecapped volcanoes. While the wildlife will leave you speechless, the combination of unspoiled national parks and looming volcanoes is what makes the fjords and channels of Chile so captivating. A hike through the lush Magellanic forests and national parks that border the Chilean fjords is ideal for appreciating this stretch of untouched nature.In addition to the main 12day Chilean Fjords& Argentina's Staten Island itinerary listed above that begins in Puerto Natales, Chile and ends in Ushuaia, Argentina, there is a reverse itinerary, operating northbound from Ushuaia to Puerto Natales. Please see Rates& Dates tab for more information. Itinerary Notes. Use the itinerary as a guide chilean fjords information

Cruise South America& the Chilean Fjords Soak in the eclectic mix of Latin and European influences in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango. Visit Port Stanley, home to more than one million penguins, before exploring the scenic surroundings of Ushuaia, the city at the End of the World.

The southern coast of Chile presents a large number of fjords and fjordlike channels from the latitudes of Cape Horn (55 S) to Reloncav Estuary (42 S). Some fjords and channels are important navigable channels providing access to ports like Punta Arenas, Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Natales Commencing in Ushuaia, make your way north through a vast network of deep fjords and channels, occasionally venturing out to the Pacific Ocean as the ship navigates toward Valparaiso, Chiles historic deepsea port. Explore your surroundings by Zodiac boat, approaching huge glaciers and observing resident and migratory wildlife and birdlife.chilean fjords information Fjords, Glaciers& Volcanoes await on Chilean Fjords cruise. Covering more than 1000 miles and offering imposing volcanoes, cascading waterfalls and stunning vistas from the magnificent Andes, the Chilean Fjords is a mustvisit destination for those who are looking for a voyage that gives them the opportunity to venture offthebeatenpath and into a region so dramatic and extreme, it could

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