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Aug 16, 2012  The Shade from this Thornless Chilean Mesquite, Prosopis chilensis, creates a 1015 degree cooler temperature in our yard. The dogs use the shade from the Mesquites to stay cool. Below in the photo is a Hybrid Mesquite that is Thornless, called the Chilean Mesquite. By providing abundant shade, a lush green leaf canopy and graceful fissured brown trunks, Thornless Mesquites are anotherDespite the fact that it is closely related to the mesquite of the desert Southwest, it is in fact an import from Chile where the climate is the mirror image in the Southern Hemisphere. These thornless trees fall into the pea family and like many legumes they are also nitrogen fixers. chilean mesquite care

The plant is not well suited where soils are overly sandy or soggy. Gardeners in northern and eastern states will need a little information on how to grow a mesquite tree. These areas are more challenging, but it is possible to have mesquite trees in the landscape. Mesquite is an easy to care for tree with few pests or problems. Mesquite Plant Info

Mesquite trees grow so fast that you may need to do mesquite tree pruning every year or so. That means that homeowners with these trees in the backyard need to know how to prune mesquites and when to prune a mesquite. This article will help with that. The Chilean mesquite tree (Prosopis chilensis) is a desertloving tree grown in arid climates throughout U. S. Department if Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11. Chilean mesquite treeschilean mesquite care Chilean Mesquite trees love full sun exposure and once established, will have little to moderate watering needs. This mesquite tree has a rapid growth rate so you will not have to wait too many years to enjoy the beauty this tree can bring to your yard.

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Chilean Mesquite Care Guide; View Product. (250k) Chilean Mesquite Care Guide. Chilean Mesquite tree, A. K. A. the Thornless Mesquite, is popular in the southwest due to its droughttolerance and fast growth. It has proved itself to be a survivor in the desert and can be found all over southwestern states. chilean mesquite care Facts About the Chilean Mesquite Tree By Jolene Hansen. SAVE; Chilean mesquite trees (Prosopis chilensis and hybrids) dominate urban landscapes in the American Southwest. Hardy in U. S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, the trees woo homeowners with fast growth and graceful form. How to Care for a Royal Poinciana Chilean mesquite tree is popular in Southern Arizona because of its rapid growth, lower water requirement and ability to provide shade. Native to South America, the Chilean mesquite grows either singly or multitrunked reaching a mature size of 30' tall with a 40' or greater spread. Jun 28, 2013  History Native Mesquite trees dot southwest Arizonas desert landscape, but the Chilean Mesquite is an interloper that has edged its way into droughtresistant gardens. The Chilean Mesquite, Prosopis chilensis, is originally from Chile, hence its name, and its a relative of the pea family. Choosing Mesquite Trees for Landscapes. landscaping in Southern Arizona and the default choice seems to be the South American hybrid version often called Chilean mesquite (above left). It is a favorite with contractors and many homeowners because it is cheap, grows quickly, and has no thorns.

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