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2019-10-23 04:34

Cocham's trekking, rock climbing, horse riding, lodging, camping, kayaking website. Valle Cocham's Refugio Cocham sits at the center of valley and is the basecamp for outdoor activities in Patagonia, Chile, the Yosemite of South America.Trekking in Cocham, Chile: An experience that delves into rugged Patagonian mountains. Trails weave between 1000meter Yosemitelike domes. Local campesinos share tea and stories to backpackers. Tired climbers jump in and swim in the turqoise pools of the Cochamo River. cochamo chile trekking

The experience: Cochamo rockslides A light to medium difficulty trekking in the Cocham valley south of the Reloncav fiord. The valley is known internationally to climbers and is becoming a favourite destination among Chileans and Argentine for hiking.

Trails are more than 300 years old and were used between the Argentine border and Chile's northernmost fjord, Reloncav. According to legend Cocham was a track once followed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Come to do trekking in one of the most fascinating places in Patagonia Lake District, Chile. Walk through the Cocham Valley, where there is a large area of trekking and trails with great hills and granite walls that lead you to viewpoints that impact with its oustanding landscapes. Ecotourism and adventure tourism in the area have expanded exponentially, but it iscochamo chile trekking Trek, kayak, bike and whitewater raft among snowcapped volcanoes with our multiactivity Lake District tour in Chile. We base ourselves in the town of Puerto Varas, also known as the City of Roses, on the shores of Lake Llanquihue.

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