Languages spoken besides spanish in chile

2019-11-20 21:48

Chile Language. The official language of Chile is Spanish but by law, the indigenous languages are protected and their use is encouraged. They can be taught, especially when there is a large indigenous population in the school, they can also be used in media and the traditional indigenous names are recognised in the civil registrationSpoken by 99. 3 percent of all Chileans, Spanish, also known as Castellano, is the official and administrative language of the country. The vast majority of the population speak the variety of the national language known as Chilean Spanish, or the Chilean dialect. languages spoken besides spanish in chile

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Spanish. Of the 18 million Chileans, some 14 million speak Chilean Spanish as their first language. It is a Spanish dialect which is sometimes difficult for speakers of the Castilian variant of Spanish to understand. It is very similar to Andalusian Spanish in pronunciation but it does have a lot of local slang. The official language pf Chile is Spanish, although hundreds of thousands of Chileans speak indigenous languages such as Mapudungun. Some degree of English is spoken widely, particularly among younger people and in tourist areas, but it's still worthwhile taking a dictionary or downloading a dictionary app to your phone as it can be really useful in situations where you need something specific, but no English is spoken.languages spoken besides spanish in chile Southern Chile is improved with German tradition and spoken all over the country by 35, 000 speakers. Therefore a small group of citizens speak German. Chileans also converse in some of the indigenous languages like Aymara and Mapudungun (language used by natives who lived in

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