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2019-10-23 22:25

The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership has produced a draft Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), which will form the basis of negotiations with Government on a Local Growth Deal for the Coast toThe Coast to Capital area is a successful part of the South East region and our economy is worth 50. 7bn Through the Local Growth Fund we are delivering over 80 projects in the region Our free business navigator service provides support and advice to SMES, startups and established companies. coast to capital lep proposal

While Coast to Capital LEP is seeking to retain Lewes within its area, our working relationship with Coast to Capital LEP, underpinned by joint work across a range of areas, is very positive. To that end, both LEPs are committed to working constructively with Government and with

Growth Champion Coast to Capital LEP January 2019 Present 6 months. South East. The Growth Champion Network is a collection of consultants, all carefully curated as experts in their respected Coast to Capital LEP. The Leatherhead proposal has been allocated 62, 500 of 'Growth Deal' funding. These funds will be matched by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) to bring the total to 112, 500 which will enable MVDC to develop the vision for the town centre and produce more detailed plans, in partnership with residents, local businesses and other key stakeholders.coast to capital lep proposal Coast to Capital LEP spans the UKs two most important economic regions: London and the South East. Growth is at the core of the Strategic Economic Plan. The message is: create growth, sustain it and propel the Coast to Capital region to compete even more strongly on an international footing.

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COAST TO CAPITAL LOCAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP DIGITAL ACCESS SUMMIT 20 TH NOVEMBER 2015. Healthcare, Medical Technologies& Life Sciences KEY SECTORS. BRIEF FUNDING OVERVIEW WITH LINKS COAST TO CAPITAL Coast to Capital Region Small Grants A capital grant of between 5K and 20K (Flexible for digital proposals) Link coast to capital lep proposal Growth Grant Programme The Coast to Capital LEP region Growth Grant Programme is a capital equipment (capex) grant. The grant provides last resort investment to partfund projects undertaken by innovative, high growth small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises in the Coast to Capital LEP area. The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Grant Programme is a grant fund run by Coast to Capital LEP. The funding for the Grant Programme comes from central government, through the Coast to Capital LEP area Local Growth Fund (LGF). COAST TO CAPITAL GROWTH DEAL AT A GLANCE. We propose a new six year programme of investment in business critical infrastructure including. transport and flood defences, and delivery of extra measures to deliver vigorous business growth, backed by the necessary investment in additional housing and our communities. Coast to Capital LEP will be expected to deliver the projects highlighted in the Deal, but will have flexibility over the management of these projects in order to deliver the greatest economic benefits to the area. Any significant changes to the projects will need to be agreed with the Government in advance.

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