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E5 and above can become the Boarding officer. Nonrates can become Boarding team members, half of our boarding teams are non rates. Boarding teams do recreational boardings, fisheries boardings, LE boardings (drugsmigrants), safety boardings.Mar 10, 2015  The Coast Guard is soliciting volunteers to apply for the services new dive program and members must include their results from the physical screening test with their application in order to be considered for the program. U. S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Brandyn Hill. coast guard boarding team physical fitness test

3. What type of tests do the Boarding Officer and Boat Crew Physical Fitness test consist of? 4. what are the BMI and physical requirements? 5. How challenging and strenuous is the basic training program for the coastguard? 6. what is the starting pay and benefits like for an enlisted in the coast guard?

Getting In Shape In a short time, you will begin Coast Guard Basic Training at Cape May, New Jersey. You should arrive physically fit and ready to comfortably EXCEED the minimum standards listed. Here is how to get started: DOCTOR EXAM If you have never exercised regularly, you should have a physical exam by a doctor to ensure safety. individuals compare to others with regard to performance on the physical fitness tests. The Cooper Institute has one of the largest and most valid data bases in the world with respect to fitness norms. There are two types of norms that the Coast Guard uses for fitness testing: 1. Age and Gender Norms.coast guard boarding team physical fitness test More information on the Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer course and physical fitness challenges, read the Helicopter Rescue Swimmers article. Also check out the following related articles:

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U. S. Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces: D. O. G. Deployable Operations Group. I have been asked by a few future Coast Guardsmen about the new fitness test utilized by DOG. coast guard boarding team physical fitness test Member has satisfactorily completed the Physical Fitness Standards Task of the U. S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Competency Qualifications Instruction, COMDTINST. 3 (series) within 30 days of reporting for training. Note: An initial Physical Fitness Test (PFT) will be held on Training Day 2 Physical fitness requirements in the Coast Guard are directly linked to On the Job requirements. Coast Guard men and women who are rescue swimmers, small boat crew members, etc. , must comply with the specific physical standards set forth by their position, but here are the standards for the PFT plus the 12 minute swim. Apr 13, 2012 What is the Coast Guards Boarding Officer and Boat Crew Physical Fitness? I am a US Marine looking to change over into the coast guard and spend the rest of my military career gaurding some port or beach as an ME and then retire and live happily ever after. Physical protection and reasonable care of a claimant by Coast Guard personnel. Including food water and reasonable shelter or medical attention. Must not be in aircraft or residences.

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