Scared fat boy on roller coaster

2019-10-21 03:33

Aug 10, 2015 I speak from first hand experience about testing a potentially scary ride first! When we were at Busch Gardens, I tried to research which roller coaster would be a good one for my eight year old to try. From the pictures on the website, one particular roller coaster looked tamer than the others. Even in person, it looked tame. BOY WAS I WRONG.Funny Fat Kid on Saw Roller Coaster Ride by lucyradfordearle Skip to 0. 40 and see my brother (after walking around Thorpe Park with a face like a bulldog sucking a lemon all day) being coerced onto the Saw Ride. Tags: fat boy roller coaster, ride, saw, scared boy, funny boy. Content from: scared fat boy on roller coaster

Haha, this is a extremely funny video. A fat kid starts falling out of his seat on a roller coaster, and his mom laughs the whole time!

Scared fat boy on roller coaster free

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