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2020-03-29 21:46

Oct 02, 2017 The Wales Coastal Path stretches around the whole coastline of Wales, a distance of 870 miles. Last weekend was spent walking the Wales Coastal Path on the Gower Peninsula. The Gower Peninsula is in the south of Wales, projecting westwards into the Bristol Channel.Walking along cliff paths and blowing the cobwebs away on a breezy beach is one of my favourite things to do at the weekend, at any time of year and whatever the weather. Ive been to the Gower Peninsula in South Wales quite a few times now, since my oldest was at university at Swansea, spending gower coastal walk

The Wales Coast Path from Rhosilli takes you along the coast of the Gower Peninsula to Oxwich Bay, Walk the Wales Coast Path from Angle to Freshwater West Dave Roberts, Official Wales Coast Path Route, Wales Coast Path Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Serpents, seascapes and shipwrecks walk. One of the best beaches in Wales, Rhossili is a haven for people who want to enjoy the coast walking, surfing or just building sandcastles. The Gower offers the finest coastal walking in the UK and as the coastal path comes closer to The Mumbles and Swansea, look out for choughs and peregrines, guillemots, razor bills and kittiwakes as well as Atlantic grey seals. Lava bread, a traditional Welsh dish, made from boiled lava seaweed is synonymous with the Gower.gower coastal walk Jun 25, 2018 The coastal path starts just to the the right of the National Trust Car park and the bus stop. There is a choice of paths. There is the one that climbs high along the top of the Rhossili downs and the coastal path along the flat land at the foot of the downs, the Warren.

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Apr 30, 2018  Just to remind you. They are: 1. Travel in a clockwise direction around the Gower coast 2. Travel by public transport and by foot. 3. Walk on sunny days. So Rule No. 2. Ill fess up. For some parts of the coastal walk, I got in my car and drove to the places that I was struggling to figure out the public transport links for. gower coastal walk The Gower Coastal Trail Races are three long distance events following the Wales Coastal Path around the Gower Peninsula. The Gower Ultra 50 race is a complete 50 mile circumnavigation of the stunning Gower peninsula. The Gower Ultra Bach (Little) follows the final 34 miles of Coast line from the small settlement of Llandimore to the Mumbles. Walking the Gower Coast Path. The Gower is widely celebrated for its natural beauty, but the landscape is rich in heritage too. Rhossili Bay on the west coast of the peninsula is the most famous of the local sites, with its dramatic promontory at Worm's Head and tidal beach sweeping across the landscape. Gower Coast Path. Swansea. From the Loughor river which marks the Western boundary of Glamorgan this route takes you round the coast of the Gower peninsular. You can either carry on along the Glamorgan coast (Swansea to Porthcawl section to follow) or take the Millennium Cycleway back to Gowerton where there is a train station or Loughor where Walking Routes& Guides. Home to 400 miles worth of rights of way and the first path to wrap around the coastal border of an entire nation (one of the highlights being the Gower& Swansea Bay section naturally)! We have walks to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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