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Apr 19, 2017  Obviously, you have to be careful when you talk about the personality of a region, and not brush with overly broad strokes, but at the same time, there are some significant cultural differences between the East Coast and the West Coast. Heres my take on this.Feb 29, 2012 Hops flavor dominates the palate. Finish should be very dry. Very one dimensional. East Coast More balanced IPA. Malt bill can be a bit more complex, flavors will be a bit more noticeable. Still a hop forward beer but hops to not dominate the palate in the same way. Finish should be dry, slight lingering sweetness can be noted. west coast east coast differences

Sep 18, 2012 East vs. West: Stark CoasttoCoast Culture Clash Revealed. new research finds that this West CoastEast Coast culture clash isn't just media stereotyping. The differences are on a

Oct 08, 2017 Related Questions More Answers Below. East Coast has always been more aggressive, heavy bass and faster paced. The West Coast takes more from Funk music and creates a tone of chill, and the East Coast takes from Jazz and a more dangeroussounding style. Think of two prominent cities New York and LA. Jun 03, 2015  Difference between East Coast and West Coast Oysters Updated on February 14, 2018 Its important to know the difference between East and West coast oysters as their differing flavors mean knowledge is required in order to order those best suited to your preference.west coast east coast differences Difference Between East Coast and West Coast. 1. East Coast refers to the easternmost states of the U. S. which stretch from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to Canada in the north; West Coast refers to the westernmost coastal states touching the Pacific Ocean. 2. East Coast states include: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont,

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Jul 01, 2015 East Coast Rap vs. West Coast Rap. While west coast sounds more laid back, east coast sounds more lyrical. As a result, west coast rap sounds chill and more musical, its subjects mostly about drugs, racial profiling, police brutality and slang. On the other hand, east coast rap sounds hard hitting, and is played by a lot of MCs and deejays. west coast east coast differences

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